18 cm Big Game Crankbait

This is primarily salt water lure, for big and smaller game, as well as pike, bass, catfish, hucho-hucho, muskie… It’s a 18 cm 35 g lure made by hand from beech wood, with through wire and custom decoration with reflective foil as a base.Also, it is a beautiful lure to have in any collection. Lure action is featured in this video. It is a wobbling lure with action around both vertical and horizontal axis. The action is made to be more narrow, reproducing zander fish behavior. Zanders in mildly salt water are actually main diet of big see fish . So, this is specially dedicated lure for boat or shore fishing for big predators, and material provides protection from the fearsome jaws. Go handmade, guys. No lures like handmade lures.