NEW: Hard body lures in small series

Since the start of Dancer lures production, my strategy was making unique fishing lures mostly for professional anglers and unique lures collectors. Therefore,

10 cm 10 g Super Wiggler

10 cm 10 g Super Wiggler It is a wobbling lure, 10 cm long and 10 g heavy, super shallow runner with

18 cm Big Game Crankbait

18 cm Big Game Crankbait This is primarily salt water lure, for big and smaller game, as well as pike, bass, catfish,

30 minutes twitch

As a New Year's gift to young lure makers fromĀ  Handmade League of Serbia, a Facebook group of lure makers I established year ago,

Disco crank

Works perfectly for all round pond/river/lake/creek fishing. Lipless crank 5,5 cm and 10 g, slow sinking lure type, dedicated to bass, asp, chub, pike, zander,

Disco Volante

DISCO VOLANTE is the name of this model of two-part crank-bait created as a novelty from Denser. Unbelievable action, weighted for long distances casts,