Welcome to our artisanal haven, where the art of fishing meets the craftsmanship of creation. At our workshop, we take pride in handcrafting unique fishing lures, each one a testament to the fusion of artistry and angling precision.

I make fishing lures

Not many of them, but many different types, uniquely painted and carved by hand. It takes time, knowledge and effort to do it that way, as well as the most quality hard wood, epoxy, PU varnishes, abalone, gold, silver, coper. aluminum and other types of foils… Therefore, I can offer just a limited number of lures for sales. What you can see in this shop is what I have to offer, what’s on stock. However, you can take a tour around my site and find what else you might like, or that might interest you. In that case, contact me and we can arrange something for you.

Fishing lures

Digital artwork

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