BIG GAME RACK is set of five lures for big game fishing, exposed in five stories wooden rack. Rack serves both as a display for sale and as a box of lures that can be taken fishing.

Big game edition is equipped with OWNER saltwater hooks 3/0, 4/0 or 5/0, as well as 2 mm stainless steel wire through the whole body. They are made of ash, beech or oak. Also, split rings have adequate capacity from 65 to 200 kg made for SW fishing.

Clear coat and varnish is made in up to twelve layers of different varnishes and resins combined. One type of lures in the set was made in the rough style reminiscent of damaged fish is uneven and roughened to touch. Also, protected by polyester varnish intended for marine protection at the touch are always a bit tacky, a lacquer can never dries to an end, diffusing endlessly without a chance for crystallization and cracking, while the second part is protected with epoxy systems tested to high static forces.