Naturally, it all started from fun!

DANCER fishing lures are made for all freshwater and marine predators. They have a unique “dance” and unique decoration, which differ from the commercial. Every Dancer has a personality that is unique. Dancer decors are hyper realistic to ultra disco abnormal, and their catch rate has already been proven in all continents.

Dancer portfolio possesses the finest and noblest lures, making them equally attractive for both fish and fishermen. They are widely wanted, both for fishing and just having and being kept in a glass cases among other rare and unique items.

I think that I have ever met with wobblers that have such a perfect blend of vibrations, décor and folly in it.

And one of those that I am proud of, from the famous masters of flies Richard Katzman, left on YouTube channel dancerlures:

Your lures are beautiful. Very real looking. I tie flies for fly fishing. I’ve often thought about making lures for spin rod fishing but never got around to it. Keep up the good work. Richard Katzman Fly Tying…

Or simply:

You are crazy!

So, people recognized the quality and uniqueness and just two years after I started to present my hobby online, I had lures in collections in all continents. Dancer went global!

Dancer lures are handmade, hand carved and uniquely decorated by hand. They are made from basswood, white pine, ash, poplar, oak, walnut, mahogany, red willow, beech, ash. maple…

Epoxy and polyurethane clear coats and wood sealers are applied in four coats each, making them bulletproof for almost all species.

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