10 cm 10 g Super Wiggler

It is a wobbling lure, 10 cm long and 10 g heavy, super shallow runner with internal weight shifting system that also acts like a rattle. The lure is made from balsa wood. It is custom painted using a reflective foil with scales pattern as a base. Lure has very wide wobbling action, where lure wobbles around both vertical and horizontal axis, even when retrieved in full speed. It is projected to start wobbling immediately when retrieved in any speed. It is excellent when cranked, twitched or jerked.
It can also be used in salt water for sea bass, for bass fish, pike, catfish, salmon in fast rivers, hucho hucho, zander or any other water predator out there. All round player for any aggressive fish species out there.
I only make lures by hand and with no power tools used during making process. Therefore this lure takes around two weeks to finish. Numerous epoxy clear coats also need time to dry properly. So, if you need this wobbler, please expect some waiting time and plan your expedition accordingly.
Custom lures are the best out there, guys. When fishing on opened and snags free waters, go with handmade and custom lures, regardless of their price. You wan’t lose them so easy and your fishing experience will be something else.