Most of my lures are very expensive to most of the people, so people kept asking me about making one affordable lure type. This is my answer. Takes much less time to make, works perfectly for all round pond/river/lake/creek fishing. Equipped with size 7 Eagle Claw hooks, with handmade split rings. It’s very possible to change the hooks even with inline single crank bait hooks up to number 4.

Lipless crank 5,5 cm and 10 g, slow sinking lure type, dedicated to bass, asp, chub, pike, zander, perch and trout fishing. Narrow, hypnotizing, fast action, jigging abilities, twitch movements… everything is installed in this peace of wood.

Models vary from floating to fast sinking option, from 5 to 35 g weight and 5.5-10.5 cm. Crazy little lure for full fishing pleasure. Comes in several Dancer custom decors.

The lure costs from 12 euro. Once ordered, it will need about 10 days to be shipped. If you order crank range (8 pieces), the price goes down 20%.

Keep on dancing!